Update during Corona: Tamoun - Impossible to work in Israel now

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Neta Golan transfers telephone reporting

I met A., inhabitant of Yamoun, because of a work accident he endured and reparations he didn’t receive. It’s a long and difficult story. This morning he called to ask how I was faring.

He and his family are alright. Everyone is stuck at home in Yamoun, hardly go out. He said that in Yamoun (the Jenin district) and the area there are no Corona virus patients. He said that nearly all the hospitals are either in Bethlehem and its surroundings and a few in Ramallah. He has received work offers in Israel which can be reached without going through the checkpoints, but will not do this on any account for fear of his heath and that of his family. I asked whether he knows construction workers employed with work permits in Israel, who must now stay there overnight. He said he does know a few, and that although their contractors promised them good conditions, they are now sleeping at construction sites on the ground…

He also told me excitedly that before the closureinfo-icon, a Jewish resident of Afula gave him a ride to Yizre’el Junction (not far from the Jalame checkpoint) and said that now, in times of Corona, everyone’s equal…

He gave his special regards to our friend Tammi Sh. who helped him a lot to obtain his work permit in Israel and health care after his accident.