DCL Etzion: Who will give the husband permission to accompany his sick wife

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Shlomit S. Ora A Translation: Naomi Gal

A few cars were parked in the lot. Two women waited in the hall. A guy who came out approached us and said his wife was admitted to Augusta Victoria Hospital for head’s cancer. She is about to have surgery tomorrow. He has a letter from Augusta Victoria and a three-month entry permit into Israel, the permit is valid until tomorrow. He applied for a new three-month entry permit. The DCL refused to grant him a new permit and ordered him to contact the Palestinian DCL. We spoke with the “Health People” and they said they know the case, they received yesterday the letter from Augusta Victoria and that the recommendation is to re-enter again, this time as an Humanitarian Case, he re-entered and was told  that he has to bring a new application from Augusta Victoria, we spoke with Augusta Victoria and were told the matter would be settled by tomorrow.

We have been approached by several people prevented from entering Israel, including one who is prevented for 100 years. We gave them the usual advice for prevention removal. 7 men were waiting at the entrance to the GSS. All were summoned to a GSS meeting and not at 1 am, as is customary at times, but by a regular telephone call.

We met the new officer, a pleasant guy, and he verified the news that the Center for Magnetic Cards would move to Tarkumia, to civilian hands, and that there would be 10 such centers across the West Bank.