Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Hagit, Yael; Translator: Natanya


Michael Ende wrote a book The neverending story in 1979. He was not thinking of the occupation but gave an excellent headline. 

Hebron is licking its wounds from the  last weekend. The end of the week of the story of the life of Sarah and which brought 25,000 religious Jews, men and women to Hebron.

This kind of gathering causes the army to make special arrangements. The Palestinian inhabitants of Hebron were called upon through loudspeakers to stay in their homes from Friday at four o’clock until the Sabbath eve at eight. This did not prevent settlers and their guests from harassing the Palestinians. The soldiers, the TIPH and peace activists. This included throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. Special tours of the Casbah and more and more Kahane, Kahane. The police did not stop or arrest anyone. The chairman of the Electric corporation, the general in the reserves, Yiftah Ron Tal was a guest and gave a lecture.




 The country is burning …a double meaning…. Real fires. And fires of instigation

The TIPH policemen, one from Turkey and another from Kurdistan who lives in Norway, tell me that the soldiers had to rescue them from the crowd. They are sure that the fight between Turkey and the Kurds will end befog this one does. They also ask about the right of return. You also came back after 2000 years in the diaspora, We chat under this window.


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The doves of peace are in prison. At the House of  contention the children received a present of  a black donkey who will not bring the Messiah. They tie him up under the house of the Jabari family  (consideration for the family as we have already said/).

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 It is really very sad in Hebron and very few people around….Each time there are fewer and the soldier stands and sits at the Gross circle.



 Road 60 is blocked at exit from Dura. So is the sheep crossroads and at the exit from Yatta.  And at the exit of Dahariya 

The cameras which were confiscated 6 months ago  from the shopkeepers at the Sheep crossing were returned about a week ago.  But that of Musa at El  Fawwar have still not been returned. The rains do not come  and the duest covers the world and the story which does not end brings anger and despair.