Bethlehem (300)

, Translation: Naomi Gal Clair Oren

8:50 to 10:40


Very few people arrived today. It doesn't seem like carefew to me and the Palestinians who arrive and pass are not humanitarian cases. 

2 windows are open and the traffic is sparse. There are no security-guards most of the time and no officers to inquire what's going on.

The reason for the scarcity of Palestinians passing today Is probably not the unveiling of Peres' tomb nor the 60 years anniversary of the Kefar Kassem's massacre... 

A few were turned down since they arrived without permits, hoping that their age (that wouldn't have let them pass even in Ramadan) would inspire enough confidence. 

3 soldiers went on a tour, one asked me in English which organization I represent and was surprised by the Hebrew response.