Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Tzvia, Nura (reporting)ף Translator: Hanna K.

The soldiers on this shift are uncompromising, on matters that are not connected with security aswell. An Israeli who arrives on the spot and is turned back explains to me: This country is ours according to an explicit promise by God…

My car is loaded with goods, and we drive first to unload at Z.’s and to spend some time with all his sons who spend their time at home because it is Friday, without any of the energy using activities.

1:30  The gate at Habla is opened almost on time, ad people who arrive from both directions are beginning to be let pass. Two girl soldiers and one male one who stand at the security guards post don’t know anything about Machsom Watch, and we see that they check on the phone what is written about us. When I try asking why they don’t let the tired women on their way home  pass, I get the answer that this isn’t anything that one can explain… (it will probably harm the state security). But nevertheless, after the “argument”, they begin calling the women to arrive one by one, check them and let them pass.

Not one vehicle with plants arrives. It seems that for lack of any other option, the Palestinians choose to pass by the hell of the checking process at the Shomron gate.

A Jew with a kippa arrives and tries to give an envelope to a Palestinian girl from Hable, and although they meet each other in the middle of the passage (on the Security Road) both are sent back. We investigated: The man from the village of Yarhiv (a Jemenite village) brought payment to his worker from Habla, but understands that he is forbidden to pass over to Hable, while the girl is forbidden to pass over to the Israeli side without the accompaniment of a grown-up, so it is impossible to give her the envelope with the payment (although they have already met on the Security Road, in the middle of the way). This honest Jew who insists on paying his worker explains to us that our great problem is the lack of faith in God. God promised us the whole land, and it is ours. The Arabs who arrived here (from Lybia, Tunisia etc.) will have to vacate the country!!!