Falamiya, Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Nina S. and Rony P. Translator: Hanna K.


The gate wasn’t open when we arrived, although we had ascertained at the DCO when it would be opened. The locals however knew when the gate would be opened. As there were only two persons waiting we left before the gate was opened.


The gate was opened at the right hour and there was a very lively traffic in both directions. On the way to Habla there was a man who collected the IDs from the people, and the checks were conducted quickly and pleasantly, as two of the soldiers in the crew spoke Arabic. All the same, to see small children returning home with mother or father and are obliged to pass by soldiers with guns, is a sight that is always disturbing.

We also visited at Azzun. The entrance was open, and there were works conducted on the roads in the village.