Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, Hebron, South Hebron Hills

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Nina and Hagit S”S; Natanya translating

Road 60. In some areas it seems that some of the barricades have been taken off it seems now that  the pursuit of the Yatta terrorist has ended.

The gate at Samoah is open. Not so at  Simiah. The gate to Dahariya is open and also to Karma.

Abda – this is still closed and also at Deir Razah. The gate to Dahariyah is open and  also to El  Fawwar on both sides.

The entrance to Hebron through the industrial area at Beit Hagai and the sheep crossroad is open and  filled  with trucks. The field of  the Hazon David synagogue is empty. The soldiers have left the place (for a while it seems).

At various posts is a long soldiers, sometimes two. All in all it is quiet in the area.

Shehada street is filled with the buses of tourists.

At the steps of the Cordova school there is still a locked gate and no passage.

At Tel  Rumeida we gave a lift to an elderly and ill man who was having difficulty walking. He says that there are good soldiers who help him….and then there are others.

At the grocery shop opposite Azzam we meet a settler with kippa and fringes who says to us “Oh good you do good work.”

We went back on road  317 .The entrance to Yatta is still closed.