Nili, Hagit Back (reporting and photographing);Translator: Natanya

We took equipment for a kindergartenfrom Nili’s house in Arad and decided  to give it to the kindergarten at Umm El Hiran.

In the bottom photo one can see the buses waiting to take the families of the prisoners on this last day of Id El Fitr.

People go out to enjoy themselves and not to work  (at least those who can).

The pillbox on the road to Ramadin. The soldiers come down and block the road at least three times a day.

If you enlarge the third photo you can see the soldier striding on the top of the horizon and with him a man with a map.

We could not make out what  they were doing there.

It is the hills which lead to Ramadin.

There is nothing new under the blazing sun.

The buses of the prisoner families
Hagit Back
The pillbox on the road to Ramadin
Hagit Back
A soldier walking on the hill top and a man with a map walking in front
Hagit Back