Southern Hebron Mountains: Closure in Israel and the Palestinian Authority

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Raya Y. Translator: Natanya

Today, Sunday at 17:00, Israel enters a third closureinfo-icon until January 9.

At the Meitar checkpoint, many construction workers carry large bags with mattresses, blankets and change of clothes for a long stay at construction sites in Israel throughout the days of the closure. On the face of it, some of the workers seem to be energetic and happy that their fate has improved and fate has brightened their faces, they have a job and a livelihood will be in their hands.

Checkpoints  on Route 60:

At the entrance to Samu' a Border Police jeep. The soldiers check both those leaving the village and those returning home.

At the entrance to Othniel stands a military jeep observing the surroundings

On the sides of the road near the water spring, south of El  Fawwar , a military jeep, and next to it, four soldiers are watching the area.

The Dura-Al Fawwar  checkpoint is open.

Road 317:

At the entrance to the  village of A-Tuwani , a Palestinian vehicle is being loaded onto an Israeli tow truck.

Fadel's son, Abed, reports that today three vehicles were confiscated and one of the vehicles belongs to their family.

The vehicle is an  Israeli vehicle  which  dealers from the PA bought for dismantling and sold it to local residents. These vehicles are prohibited from traveling, so each owner received a fine of  NIS 3,000 and the vehicle was confiscated.

The Palestinian Authority iimposed a closure. Corona days. There are a many checkpoints at the entrance to most of the villages as well as to Dahariya and Hebron.  Palestinian policemen stand and check the residents. Citizens who are not residents cannot  leave or enter a village.