Qaddum - Four young men were injured in the demonstration.

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Raya, report based on telephone conversation.

I spoke with S. following reports of four people injured in the demonstration.  Here’s what he said:

Four young men were injured in the demonstration.  One was more seriously injured, in the back of the neck as I understand.  He’s hospitalized in Refidiya Hospital in Nablus.

A relative is by his side, who reports that the injury isn’t so serious.  The patient is conscious and speaking.  Villagers wanted to visit him, but the Palestinian police don’t allow them to leave the village.

Corona:  things in the villages are, in general, worse than before, as we knew.

Three elderly persons died in Qaddum in recent days; they’d been sick, and it isn’t certain whether COVID was the cause.

Otherwise, he sends regards to all of us and is concerned about our health.