Chana Stein, Ronit Dahan-Ramati (reporting)

A calm morning at Qalandiya.

05.15. On arrival we were happy to see that the lines were short and did not extend out of the shed. The beigel-seller was absent (we found out later that he was ill that day). Outside we met a group of ecumenical volunteers – unusual for a Wednesday.  They were in the process of changing teams so a group of ‘veterans’ had come to explain procedures to their replacements. They were happy to meet us and get more information from us.

The weather was pleasant and people were in short sleeves. Four checking stations were open. We met our acquaintance H. who, last week, told us that his leg had been hurt by a turnstile. By today his condition was better and he was getting treatment.

Although the humanitarian gate did not open at 6, there was really no need, as women and all those ‘entitled’ easily joined the regular lines which never extended beyond the shed. After 6 the fifth checking station was also opened. A little later a guard arrived and he began to operate the humanitarian gate without waiting for a D.C.O. officer, who arrived later.

At about 6.45 we joined a line.  After we passed the turnstile at the end of the cage, we debated which checking=station line to choose. We chose no.4, but moved to no.3 which seemed to be moving faster. In the end we emerged at the same time as those who were behind us in no.4 …

It took 15 minutes to pass.