Etzion DCL

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Observers: Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 there were no people in the waiting room. A man we met outside said that this morning at 6:30 he came to work on his lot near Hebron and a few minutes later soldiers arrived, confiscated his car and accused him of "bird hunting". To release his car he will have to pay thousands of shekels for "the maintenance of the car."

A young man arrived and said that until six months ago he had a merchant permit and suddenly, perhaps because of an informer, he became a GSS prevented till 2116, two thousand one hundred and sixteen! It is unclear how they calculated this prevention date. We heard more than once about prevention time, but this is the first time we heard about such a perfect end date.

A married couple approached us and said that the woman asked for an entry permit to Israel to attend a meeting at the US Embassy. She did not receive the permit because she did not have a magnetic card. She was told she would not be able to apply for a permit until she has a magnetic card. Hanukkah, a Jewish holiday hence there would be no magnetic cards for Palestinians. On Sunday maybe she could get a card and then she’ll be able to apply at the Palestinian DCL. If she doesn’t get there the permit till Tuesday she could come to the Israeli DCL to get a permit.

A man, who has been working for 25 years in Israel, said he was summoned by GSS on a phone call to his working place. The man who summoned him claimed that soldiers were sent to him at night to invite him to a meeting with GSS and since he did not come, they called his working place. He was summoned immediately. He had to leave his job and come to the meeting. He has no idea why on earth.

An elderly man, police prevented for several years, said he turned to an attorney who charged him NIS 12,000. The prevention has not been removed yet. The lawyer promised that “it will soon work out.”

The soldier at the window was polite, fluent in Arabic and very humane.