Ronit Dahan Ramati, Natanya Ginsburg (translating)

We arrived about 5.30 at Qalandiya. We parked and went on foot  to the Palestinian side. We were happy to see that there were hardly any queues and when the carousels were opened  that the cages also at the end were completely emptied. All 5 windows were open. Both the baigel and the cake sellers were in their usual place. Each cake one shekel. Where the kiosk of Muhammed stood is now some sort of counter which today is open. There is a hot water container  and apparently he  makes coffee, although he does not seem to have many buyers. We went out to the closed parking lot to see what was new, and discovered that they had built a white tin fence next to the outer wall of the shed. Apparently they are about to begin construction.

A white metal fence - preparation for building
Ronit Dahan-Ramati

We came  back inside. The soldier in the aquarium  allowed a few people  inat a time, but he often opened the turnstiles. The lines were short and remained inside the shed. Around 6 am theb  begin to lengthen. We went to sit on one of the benches that remained on the edge of the shed. Suddenly we felt a movement behind us. We turned around and found a  young  boy among the benches. Unlike workers who take an impromptu nap everyplace, he was  equipped with a mattress, pillow and blanket and continued the night's sleep. Later it turned out that this was the son of the cake vendor.

A child asleep among the boxes
Ronit Dahan-Ramati

People arrived and approach the humanitarian gate, but when they discovered that it was not  opened, they joined the regular line which was advancing rapidly today. At about 6:15, a woman soldier arrived to relief the previous one.. She did not immediately open the turnstiles, and the lines in front of the inspection posts were already completely emptied , but many people started crowding the entrance to the carousels. The DCO representatives was late arriving , but at about 6:20 PM, two officers from the DCO arrived. One of them seemed to explain to the other what was going on and held a key in his hand, but they did not open the gate. Those waiting said that they were waiting for the police. After a few minutes they left. A short while later, police officers and security guards arrived with one of the officers, and this time they went to check the people waiting at the gate and opened it.

At 6:40, we joined the short lines and we passed in about 15 minutes. A couple with a babyinfo-icon who had waited at the humanitarian gate for a long time had encountered a problem at the inspection posts. The father went to talk to the policewoman and the security guard. The baby seemed to be crying and the father gave it to the mother, who was very thin and held the baby away from her body, trying to shake him and calm him down. She also seemed to need a hug ...