Falamiya North Checkpoint (914)

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Ronny P., Nina S. Translator: Charles K.

We wanted to see what was going on there in the afternoon but we’d been misinformed – we’d been told the checkpoint opened at 16:15.  Unfortunately, that was the time it closed, and although we’d arrived exactly on time we saw nothing except soldiers closing the checkpoint.  They said very few people had gone through. 

We didn’t continue to the Jayous checkpoint because by the time we arrived it would also have closed, since almost no-one uses it.  It may be that, because of Ramadan, fewer people are going to work, or are returning earlier in the afternoon.

The soldiers say the checkpoint now opens in the afternoon at 16:00.

We visited our friend at the grocery in Kufr Jamal.  He says things are quiet; soldiers show up very  infrequently and there aren’t any confrontations with them.