Etzion DCL

Observers: Shlomit S., Ora A. Chana Stein translating.

10.30. In the parking lot were only a few cars, and only two people were in the waiting-room. On the door was a notice saying that today there would be no issuing of magnetic cards. Tomorrow there would be.  An elderly couple arrived, read the notice and, without a word, turned back.

Two people refused permits by Security and Police approached us.  One told us that he had been refused entry into Israel, which was reversed with Sylvia’s help. He receive a permit for half a year, but after 9 days the permit was taken from him and he is once again refused entry, without explanation. The second man, too, did not know why he is refused entry. We advised both of them to go in and get from the policeman on duty the computer printout which gives the reason for refusal and how long it applies. But it turned out that this week, like last week, the policeman whose duty it is to be available from morning is nowhere in sight. Those waiting were told that he would arrived at 13.00. Let’s hope!