Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Annelien Kisch (photographs) Hanna Aviram (reporting); Translator: Hanna Kahana
Habla checkpoint
Habla checkpoint
Annelien Kisch

A rainy day.

We arrived at 06:20. The CP was open (06:15-07:45). No persons waiting to be checked and and to pass are to be seen. They arrive directly at the checking room.

Few people pass today at the checkpoint, few as compared to days on which it doesn’t rain. The five by five checking system is maintained. The cars which arrive from Habla begin moving in the direction of the plant nurseries at about07:00 .

The children’s busses don’t pass. There is no school owing to Christmas, we assume.

We have a very interesting and positive conversation with A.

07:45 – a car arrives at great speed from the direction of the plant nurseries. Part of the CP is already closed. The driver hopes he will be let through all the same, but no, he is obliged to return and go back in the direction he has come from.

07:46 – The CP is being shut.