Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Nina S., and Herzliya A.; Translator: Hanna K.

Opening hours: 16:45-17:30

No special events. Much fewer people pass than on a regular day because of the rain.


16:40 we arrived. We were warmly welcomed by three waiting people. They generously offered us tangerines, and one of them who spoke an excellent Hebrew talked with us and claimed that Israel is looking for “open” plots in the C Zone, without Arabs, to add to Israel. He also talked about all of us being human beings and our common wish to live a sane life. He told us that he had lived for about ten years in Tel Aviv, and maintained very good and near connections with many Jews with whom he worked.

16:45 The soldiers arrive and open the gatesinfo-icon. The try to have the waiting people pass quickly and activate a post in the shed even before they open the security checking shed, but they send people to Habla to be checked at the cheking post there. Those who pass on to the seamline zone are not examined at the magnometer.

17:30 One of the persons who pass on to Habla ask us whether we also help those who are prohibited by the police. Nina took his details.

About thirty people passed on to Habla, and about thirty four to the seamline zone. Cars, bicyles, a horse driven cart also passed. A small part of the passage was conducted at ease.