Northern checkpoints Tura: We are tired of reporting about the filth around

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Ruthi T., Rachel W. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

15:45 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

We arrived at the checkpoint after an exhausting trip with enormous traffic jams.

We are tired of reporting about the filth around the entrance to this checkpoint, for which no one takes responsibility.  The area is filled everywhere with green garbage bags, disposable food tray of the soldiers and simply filth.  One Palestinian said to us “Because of security problems, they don’t hire a Palestinian to clean the area and the soldiers obviously don’t clean up themselves.”

At this checkpoint very little happens.  Few cars, few people and few workers pass through.

16:30 – Yabed-Dotan Checkpoint

It is quiet at the checkpoint.  A soldier comes down from the Pilbox (guard tower) to find out who we are.  He has not heard about our organization, and after a short explanation he went back apparently to report his superiors about us.  A sign in Hebrew says that anyone who wants to enter Area A (prohibited to Israelis), has to arrange for that entry ahead of time.  The soldier explains to us that the intention to visit “Joseph’s Pit”, which is in a Palestinian village, is possible with an army escort.

17:00 – Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint.

A stream of workers returning from their work in Harish City, passes through the new passage installation, via a very narrow passages.  It is difficult to understand the mind that invented these narrow passages.  They look exactly like cattle runs.  Everything is new and very shiny, as if to ease the passage.  But it looks very evil, disturbing and not humane.

Someone turned to us regarding the renewal of a permit to a Palestinian who the Security Services prohibit from entering Israel. 

We returned home via Harish City, the city that draws into it thousands of construction workers from the West Bank.