Ni'lin (Qiryat Sefer)

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Nurit Wagner, Anat Shafir (reporting).  Translator:  Charles K.


What we see: Palestinians go down the hill toward a gap in the fence, on the way to the checkpoint – a shortcut.

They cross a highway, heading for the gate. There’s no crosswalk; they take their life in their hands.

We’ve already complained about this, the checkpoint manager complained, but nothing changes. It will end badly.

We walk down to where the laborers exit. Masses of people, minibuses, vans. The familiar confusion.

We stand beside the exit gate hoping to run into Shlomi, the checkpoint manager. Suddenly there’s a loud noise - It’s the loudspeaker.

Four security personnel burst through the gate, weapons drawn. The checkpoint stops operating.

Someone says a Palestinian has gone through without being inspected.

Seven minutes pass. We see a Palestinian being brought back to the inspection building. We telephone Shlomi, the manager. He’s not on site today. He says he’ll look into it, and will address it


We’re on our way home. It’s a new week… And nothing’s new.