South Hebron Hills, Huda kindergarden

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Mira B. (reports), Muhammad (driver, translator and activity participant)

9:00 – 12:30

Goal: Activity in the Huda kindergarten in Hashem-el-Darage

Activity subject: music, singing, end-of-year


About 30 kids are present, and the two teachers, Huda and Haula. Amna is not present. Huda already called us earlier, urging us to come earlier. She said that the older school kids are already on vacation, and they gather around the pre-school windows, the younger kids cannot concentrate, and she has difficulties in controlling the situation. Indeed, she was right. Lots of confusion, and with the older kids around, we could not even try arranging some fun games outside.

We tried some music activity with percussion and bells. The kids are always enthusiastic about the music instruments. I tried to achieve perception of playing quietly / loudly / slowly / fast, but there was a problem with the Arabic translation of these terms (they could not distinguish between "quite" to "slow" – the terms shared the same translation!). Then, we played "blind cow", where one kids uses the drum, and the other, eye covered, tries to catch him/her. That was a bit more successful. At the end, we tried teaching an Arabic song that Huda knows well, and is escorted with fun body movements. But, functioning was difficult, so we finished with a personal gesture for each child (singing together) and giving some sweets.

We also brought some additional planting things. Hopefully, something will survive for next year.


Pictures of the activity –  The 5.25.2016 album: