Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Leah Reichman, Hannah Heller Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


7.25 –5.55

 Barta'a – Reihan Checkpoint,

05:55 – Many worker s were already waiting for their rides in the upper parking lot and many others were coming up through the sleeveinfo-icon carrying cups of coffee. There was no waiting line in the lower parking lot and anyone who arrived entered the terminal immediately.  There were six windows operating and the turnstile turned constantly.  People told us that when the checkpoint opened at 05:00 two gatesinfo-icon were opened and the line disappeared immediately.  

Workers coming back from the night shift were returning to the West Bank.

Tura Checkpoint 06:45

The soldiers marched slowly towards the checkpoint and opened it late.  The checkpoint only opened at 06:55 and three small school children who arrived early were detained inside the checkpoint.    The first people crossing to the seamline zone came out at 07:00 – two teachers who were not detained in the inspection booth and were hurrying to be on time for examinations.  Workers were hurrying towards the seamline zone and by 07:20 everyone had crossed.

School children began to arrive at 07:15 and walked down the winding sleeve without delay.