Demolishing water pipes that brought water to Masafer Yatta

Hagit (reporting and photographing)
בריכת המים בתוואני שממנה יצאו קוי המים לכפרים

Following the water ......

Two weeks ago it happened. And Isma'il, who accompanied us, said, and he photographed the last picture.

On 13 February, the Civil Administration demolished a network of pipes that supplied water to 12 Palestinian villages in the southern Hebron Hills, in the Masafer Yatta area. Following the demolition, the residents are again dependent on tanked water, which is seven times more expensive than running water. And the transport to them entails a life-threatening situation for tractors and trucks because of the poor roads.

On the face of it, the Civil Administration had all the bureaucratic reasons to dismantle the plumbing: Area C, where the Civil Administration has full authority to approve or prohibit connection to infrastructure. Last year, the network of pipes was laid by members of the Palestinian local council with European funding, without Israeli approval. Moreover, this is an area that was declared a military firing zone in the 1970s. Despite the formal legality of the demolition, preventing the regular supply of water, while discriminating against Palestinians and in favour of the Israeli settlers, is an inhumane and illegal policy..

The authorities are planning to demolish every new structure in these villages - including rehabilitated water cisterns, clinics and toilets. Two attempts at mediation between the sides failed. The residents reject the government's demand that they leave their homes and graze their lands and work them only on certain days of the year.

In the pictures: The water pool at a-Tuwani, from which the water lines led to the villages.