The occupation at the northern checkpoints: Winter 2022

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Ruthi T. and Marina B. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

A beautiful day before the rain and snow.


 We traveled on Highway 611 (from Harish to Barta’a Checkpoint) that passes opposite the Palestinian village of Luxor, and the breach next to the separation fence.  Next to the breach there are a lot of cars.  The explanation for this is that many Palestinian workers cross here via the breach in the fence, and not through the checkpoints.  All of this occurs with the knowledge of the military and therefore the question must be asked, what is the rationale for ignoring the breaches in the fence and free passage without control between the Palestinian Authority and Israel?


14:50 - Harish Checkpoint

The checkpoint is not staffed and is not blocked.

We traveled to Ya’bed-Dotan Checkpoint and on the way, we passed the guard tower (pillbox), that was installed during the second intifada.  We stopped next to the soldiers who were interested in our identities and the purpose of our trip.  They requested that we be careful.

On our way to Maoz Zvi (Mevo Dotan B), the gate used by the army was open, which was unusual. It was open only for settlers with children in their cars who were traveling on that road to school.

We continued to Barta’a-Reihan Checkpoint, and on the Seamline Zone side and realized that again cement pillars were painted. A taxi driver who transported workers from Barta’a to Jenin, stopped us.  He complained that he doesn’t have a permit to cross Tura checkpoint.  Tura Checkpoint administers the traffic in an orderly way, with no interruptions.

16:40 - We returned home.