'Azzun, Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Habla Checkpoint (1393)

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Sheina P., Karin L. (reporting) transl. Judith Green

A shift with the addition of acquaintance with the area.

11:15 - Elkana enclave, with explanations about the border zone in relation to the settlements, the gate of Hani.

Explanation of the wall which surrounds 'Azzun 'Atma and its lands where, in general, in the open area the main obstacle is only the system of fences, the road and the Oranit checkpoint 1474, which opens and closes alternately since it was built.

12:00 - Azzun, for the regular visit with explanations about the situation of the municipality.

12:45 - Falamiya North.  The rain which started a bit earlier became a flood. The Palestinians who are going througth in several tractors, two on bicycles, wave hello. We decided not to continue to Falamiya South, but to return by way of Kufr Jammal.

13:40 - A short tour and acquaintance with Alphei Menashe, Arav a-Ramadin.

14:00 - We arrive at the checkpoint of Habla before it closes.  A few more vehicles are going through in both directions.  Because of the rain, we don't stay long.