Huda's kindergarten in Hashem al Daraj

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Muhammed D., Semadar and Arieala (reporting and photographing); Translator: Natanya
בדרך לגן הודא בחאשם אל דארג'
גן הודא
הילדים נפרדו מאתנו שמחים
ההריסות החזירו אותנו אל המציאות הקשה

And again we found ourselves on Route 317 on our way to Huda's kindergarden in Hashem El Daraj.

It is the end of summer after a bad winter with little rain and this is the way the road looks. The garden has been renovated during the summer holidays and everything is new and well maintained. We found the kids in various activities, some learned to write and some played construction games. After their initial shyness  the children opened up  and welcomed us happily. At the food break Muhammad brought them pita, juice and chocolate which made them very happy.

Huda also said that not all children can bring food to the garden, as well as a request that we collect clothes for children, even shoes, because there are children who come barefoot to kindergarten. The children are three to six and maybe some of the readers of the report have the opportunity to donate something to these adorable children. It seems to me that everything is welcome. It is one of the poorest communities in southern Mount Hebron.

The children said goodbye to us.

But on the way back, as we passed Umm to Kheir, the ruins brought us back to the harsh reality.

At the exit from Umm al-Kheir to the main road, an army-backed police van stood and stopped a car as usual, an old man was required to take all the contents of the car out. There were sacks of food for the sheep that look very heavy, but no one came to their aid. I guess they confiscated all the contents of the car and maybe the car itself. Why???