'Einabus, Beit Furik, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Carol Cook, Fathiya (reporting), T.H

Habla Checkpoint 13:35 – Empty, only bored soldiers present.

Jit Junction Checkpoint 14:10 – the army post is manned.

Einabus 14:30 – we met with the head of the local council, Abu Ihab, about the trailers which Yitzhar settler-colonists have placed on lands belonging to the village.

A week ago they placed four trailers on lands belonging to villagers of Einabus. The owners cannot reach their lands because of its proximity to Yitzhar settler-colony. The local council chief told us that settler-colonists have burnet olive trees by applying some chemical. When he approached the grove to check, accompanied by his two sons, the settler-colony security guard came down and threatened them with his gun. The Palestinian has applied to the DCO and has received no response whatsoever. When we asked to go and see the site for ourselves he refused and said it was very dangerous, that the settler-colonists attack whoever dares approach.

On lands belonging to the village of ‘Urif, as well, eight trailers were placed, but on last Saturday the army evacuated them and sequestered the area in order to mount an army post there. The settler-colonists do not take this lightly and come down daily to the Palestinian village, breaking house windows and attacking people.

Huwwara Checkpoint 15:30 – unmanned.

Beit Furiq Checkpoint 15:40 – unmanned

Zaatara Junction Checkpoint 16:20 – manned. Many army vehicles stood by the roadside, with soldiers inside.

Masha Junction 16:35 -  Numerous soldiers were seen around the stoplight.