Hebron, South Hebron Hills

.; Translator: NatanyaJudy, Odeda (a visitor), Hgit S.S

South Hebron Mountains and Hebron


The goal of the day….to take two bicycles which were donated after the incident of the theft of the bicycle from the child in Hebron. The bicycles were brought by the driver of the Min El Baher (Taking Palestinian children to the Mediterranean)and because he is a resident of Hura we first went to him and from there we went into the occupied areas  through the forest of Yatta and Metzudot Yehuda and we did not go through the Meitar passage. (On the way we went past Umm el Hiran, which is about to be changed into the Jewish settlements of Hiran …another Arab town in the Negev which will have to fight for its existence and its place.

On the way to Hebron all the blockages have been opened. Very few army vehicles we went in by the southern entrance to Hebron (lately the gate has been open and there is no problem entering). Everything seems quiet on the Gal hill and on the rest of the way. At the house of contention is a sign…..Zionism = the land of Israel.  We went in the direction of Tel rumeida  and stopped in the Shuhada street and after coordinating on the phone met at the house of Zidan  and gave the bicycles to the happy children,

The soldiers from the nearby post came to us but it seemed that this activity did not bother them and they returned to their posts without a word. Zidan and Issa - the activists who run the community centre - and they are those with whom we had been in contact for Min El Baher.

After visiting the grocery opposite Azzam we left through Kiryat Arba and came back by road 60  where also the blockages had been removed.