Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ruthi Tubal (camera) and Rachel Weitzman (reports) Translation: Naomi Gal

Tura-Shaked Checkpoint  

The CP is filthy as usual, discarded tires around the dumpster and the stench of trash wafting in the hot air.

We met a father with two sons all dressed up, waiting for a ride to get to a feast in Barta'a. There are number of activities at the checkpoint, which is usually deserted. Cars, men and women pass to the side of the Seam Zone, workers returning to the West Bank. The passage is swift; it seems to us that a minority unit is guarding the checkpoint.

Our acquaintance arrived and said that as usual, they opened the checkpoint late this morning.

15:40 Reihan-Barta'a Checkpoint

שמור  הצינור המפוצץ במחסום ברטעה. 24.7.16. 1..jpg
On the way out from the sleeveinfo-icon, we saw an outbreak of water, the
waterrose into the sky like a geyser

​A flow of workers are returning from work at this hour, before four, but there are no queues, the inspection machines are functioning and there is a sense of routine.

One of the workers greets us: "Bless women against occupation."

On the way out from the sleeve, we saw an outbreak of water, the water rose into the sky like a geyser. We decided to find out if they are aware of the problem, when we returned a few minutes later, we saw someone who had just finished closing the tap. The inquiry has given us an opportunity to see firsthand the full parking lots, better organized than in the past.