Brush Khalat: Who Corrupts Palestinian Crops?

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Rachel Afek
Jewish Terror

I meant to accompany shepherds but there no more volunteers and one does not go alone. It’s a hot day and more important things are happening. I went over to the encampment in Khalat Makhoul to visit families.

In the area that belongs to a shepherd from Khalat Makhoul and a shepherd from Hadidiya, Menachem – a colonist from Hemdat – entered with his flock several times this week. They trampled and ate some of the wheat that had not yet been harvested, which the shepherds had been saving for their own flocks instead of buying the expensive feed – thinking it was better for the animals to feed on the original… The Palestinian claim the damages done to them amounted to 10,000 shekels.

I referred them to Munir, of Yesh Din – although the chances for a just trial are so scant.

Re the trampled field, the army and police arrived and confiscated the truck that was loaded with hay sacks purchased by a Palestinian merchant. The army enabled unloading the sacks, confiscated the truck, and then distanced those quarreling over the ground. The shepherds claim the field is privately owned and have the documents to prove it. Menachem claims it to be state land (known as Area C).

On these brown hot summer days, everything looks brown here.

The children had their weekly shower and were suddenly clean and comely.

We were at Atouf at the goods exchange. These received clothes and the others – tomatoes and watermelon. What a deal!

And here is a 10-month-babyinfo-icon-girl afraid of new faces. Does not let anyone near her. Cheeky… Only her mom’s bosom calms her.