Habla - The checkpoint was opened late as usual.

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Ruthi Katz, Hanna Aviram

The delay in the opening of the CP has become permanent (at least on the days we arrive)

The soldiers have arrived at 7:20 (while the CP was supposed to be opened at 7:10).

At 7:25 seven persons entered the path that runs between the fences and which leads to the checking room. ‘Hamsa, Hamsa….Waqf,

Waqf’ a soldier, who is standing at the watch post, cries towards them.

A vehicle with Palestinian license plates which has arrived before on the system road, between the fences, is allowed to enter in the direction of Habla. According to the soldiers it was supposed to enter by another CP.

7:28 The first vehicle leaves, coming from Habla.

The checking is carried out simultaneously in the checking room and at the watch post by the gate.

7:59 A cart harnessed to a horse arrives from the direction of Habla, but both the coachman and his cart are made to return. According to one man who is coming out, he was sent back as “he has no 00”.

At 8 o’clock the soldiers begin closing the CP.

At 8:05 they close the gate which adjoins the system road.

A truck and a few persons who arrived before 8 o’clock remain at Habla. Two others who were next to the checking room, exit in the direction of the plant nurseries.