Telephone report from a Thawani, Umm al Khair, Susya

Hagit Back delivers telephone reports from the West Bank

We called N. of Palestinian Susya to wish him a blessed Ramadan, and were updated about all the goings-on in the South Hebron Hills at present.

Khirbet Tawane: Israeli settler-colonists of Havat Maon have been repeatedly harassing the shepherds. The Israeli army and police are summoned frequently and never arrest a single settler-colonist. Not even for violating Corona regulations.

The Mosque is closed, only the Muezzin comes to pray there.

Because of Ramadan, people go out less and most are unemployed.

Local committees are guarding against the entry of strangers to the villages.

The army puts up road blocks between Khirbet Tawane and Carmil.

They have food, there are no Corona-virus patients.

Umm Al Kheir: Desperation and sadness reign, and no livelihood to be made. Many people are crossing over illegally to find work in Israel. There too, local guards keep strangers out.

Susya: the Israeli army put up a roadblock beneath the army base on the track between Susya and Yatta town. People stay home all day. There is food, no mosque. Our general impression – this is a very sad Ramadan holy month.