Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Hagit Back (reporting), visitor: Liora from Madrid; Translator: Natanya

We began our shift at the checkpoint of Meitar.

At the time that we were there only traders passed who complained at the racist attitude taken towards them at the central bus station of Beer Sheva. We exchanged telephones with them and said that they should phone when such an event is actually happening.

On road 60 from Meitar and until Hebron we saw 5 police vehicles giving out fines, a policeman with a soldier guarding him. Some of them were hidden.

Today is Holocaust day in Israel and the Moslems are celebrating the rise of Muhammad to the heavens. Palestinian schools are on holiday and also some of the businesses. Only Moslems are allowed today to pray at the Cave of the Patriarchs and many buses filled with those coming to pray arrive.

Hebron is full of extra units of the border police and soldiers and they are in every corner.

Speaking  to men and women we hear that these are days that  they prefer to remain in their homes.

Today they began to build the new checkpoint at the Kapisha neighborhood. The owners of the businesses and the garages sit on chairs and watch. They will have less business. On the other hand they will be able to move freely to H2.

unnamed (4)_8.jpg

The House of Contention and the car which cannot pass.

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Jewish laundry on the roof. The soldiers are on guard and the renovations of 17 flats which are to be sold is in process. This is how it looks today.

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The checkpoint of Tel Rumeida, the Palestinian ghetto.  Jews going to the graveyard are immediately allowed to pass.

Next week is the day or remembrance for  the fallen and the Palestinians will be under curfew during  the ceremony. Faiza and Imad have already sent  their  older children out of to prevent them being arrested.

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This is how the area of the Cave of the Patriarchs looks. Border police chase away all the little children and harass the visitors  asking them to empty their pockets and lift their shirts.

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The checkpoint at the Pharmacy and the turn of 160  is full of women  and children.

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Besides that we went to Susiya and friends at-Tuwani. At the cynagogue at Samoa Jewish tourists enjoy the holidays and harassed the Palestinians. We drank coffee at Deir Razih. To see the occupation in Spanish eyes is not easy. Liora said that now she understands how complicated the situation is.