Barta'a checkpoint: No hitchhiking

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Rachel Weizman and Ruthi Tuval (Reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

15:00 – Reihan – Barta’a Checkpoint

We watched the lively activity going on as people crossed through the holes in the security fence on our way to the checkpoint. 

One of the seamstresses was walking from the upper parking lot on the seamline zone side and asked us for a ride.  She was elderly and had difficulty walking up the hill and along the sleeveinfo-icon.  We apologized and explained to her in Arabic that we were not allowed to take her.  We drove up to the security guards on the other side and asked them for permission. They refused despite the fact that people could cross the form the West Bank freely without being checked.   One of them whispered to Rachel: “You do amazing work.”  

The parking lots on the Palestinian side were unusually crowded today.

15:25 – Yaabed Dotan Checkpoint

We approached the memorial for Moshe Tamam to view the vehicle crossing. A jeep quickly approached and several armed soldiers got out.  They were joined by two others from the pillbox who were also armed and fully equipped.  “Don’t you know it’s dangerous here?”  Rachel explained to them about things they didn’t know about, including Machsom Watch, and they listened.

15:50 – Barta’a Reihan Checkpoint

Many workers were returning from work and walking down the fenced – in covered sleeve.  Vehicles were bringing workers back from work to the upper parking lot.  We talked with one worker who is a handyman in Hadera and other places.   He seemed happy and satisfied with his job.

16:20 – Tura Shaked Checkpoint

The checkpoint was quiet and dirty as usual.  Several cars crossed without delay and there was a red sunset to the west.