Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Leah Shakdiel; Translator: Natanya

1. Work is underway between Mitzpe Abigail and A-Tuwani, east of the road. M. Explains that a new water line is being built for all the settlements, the Palestinian localities are not connected to it.

2. Kiryat Arba, northern entrance. At the junction above were Bnei Menashe caravans which have been removed . Barbed wire can still be seen.  Presumably the Bnei Menashe are now situated  permanently in the Kirya, and the caravans are being driven to pirate settlement operations of some settlement.

3. Hebron.

The House of Peace, formerly the House of Contention, is undergoing serious renovations.

On King David Street, the Shuhada street, the Bnei Akiva Hebron branch is preparing for this year's organization Shabbat, probably this coming Shabbat according to the signs hung.

At Tel Rumeida, at the intersection where the memorial stone for a soldier who was accidentally killed by his comrades was placed, the Palestinian Authority is carrying out renovations, apparently to the electricity grid.

We are surprised to see Abed's store open. He says he recently closed because there are no tourists, but  he was tired of sitting at home so opened. Among other things, he sells books by an organization from Beit Sakhur called ATG - Alternative Tourism Group. I bought the English tourist guide. Abed also has  books in German, Italian, and Russian. This book  seems to me important.

Then we see that further down the sidewalk the settlers opened "cheap", tables with food and drink and around them religious Jews  of all kinds stand . This is how on the Palestinian sidewalk, a closed Palestinian store is blocked. I went to Abed's neighbor closer to the "cheap" one. A Border Police soldier approached me to find out where I was from. I said, from Yeruham, and he answered, Jewish, okay. The store owner said the "cheap" opened about two weeks ago. I suggested that we file a complaint with the Hebron police about this trespassing. M. Says that only the owner of the blocked store can file such a complaint, and of course he will not do so for fear of revenge by the settlers. Thus another piece of land was conquered, and it has been decreed forever and ever that the above shop would not open again. The man offered me soup, and then noticed that I probably belonged to the other side because I joined M. for coffee at Abed.