Etzion DCL

Hedva Brilliant, Natanya Ginsburg Natanya reporting

We  arrived that the DCO at 1.10. There were only 4 cars in the parking lot and no one in the waiting room or at  the area in the back.

After about 20 minutes two men appeared. The car of one of the men has been confiscated as his son had been found driving without a license and they had been told to come at 1.30 to fetch it. They took a number and sat  down to wait. They sat for a while but we saw that the soldier was taking no notice of them. We went with them to the turnstile and tried to catch the attention of  the soldier but with no avail. He was very occupied in throwing his head back as he had a packet of something which he was emptying into his  mouth at intervals. He took no notice of us though we were calling him and banging very loudly on the rails.


When eventually he did deign to look our way he said that the men were to go to the police station. Hedva asked him why he had ignored us and he claimed that he had to do three jobs at once, one of which was writing a report. Therefore he felt that he could not deal with the public at the same time (sic.) This though the waiting room was completely empty. He had therefore cut off  the connection and did not hear us. We never found out what the third job was.


We were there for about an hour and had a conversation  with people who came out satisfied from the Matak. Other than that thanks to Shlomiet Steinitz for her  patience in answering questions.