Jayyus North 965. The gate is locked. The key was lost

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Nina S., Herziliya A. trans. Judith Green

Falamiya North, 914

Hours of operation:  12:45 - 13:15

We arrived early and, next to the well, we were warmly invited to share beautiful fresh guavas and a cup of coffee.  We stayed for a short conversation.

12:55 The gate was already open and pedestrians were going through as well as bicyclists.  Behind the gate there is a large purple shed whose purpose is not clear.  Brand new.

M told us that the gate was supposed to open at 12:45 and the in the evening it opens at 17:50  A few people went through.  We travelled to Falamiya South.

Falamiya South (West Jayyus) 935

Hours of operation: 13:25 - 13:45

13:15 We arrived at the gate.  Palestinians waiting, one with a tractor, the army has not yet arrived.  The Palestinians say that the gate of North Jayyus, 965,

 is only open for pedestrians, vehicles cannot go through it because the key was lost.

13:20 The soldiers arrived and confirmed that indeed there was no key to the North Jayyus gate, 965,  so only pedestrians can go through it.  (cf. in the photo that it is also not fit for human beings to pass through, including a climb over the barbed wire fence and stones).  The DCO promised the soldiers that they would provide a key, but nothing has been done yet.  As far as I can remember, this story has been told for at least 2 months.  The strongest army in the Middle East is not able to open a gate that is locked with a simple lock that one could cut with a tool within a few minutes.  They added that "the gate" would be opened at 13:55.

ג'יוס צפון 965 השער נעול. המפתח אבד.

We left for the Jayyus gate and, on the way, saw many orchards with new saplings of fruit trees of different sorts on the fields, which were, before the moving of the fence, wild growth.

Jayyus 965

Hours of operation:  13:55 - 14:10

We arrived at the gate and, right after, a van arrived with youths, all of whom were wearing the same shirts with something written on them, on their way to pick olives.  The head of the group stopped near us and introduced himself:  mayor of Jayyus.

נערים בדרכם למסיק זיתים לובשים חולצות אחידות עם כיתוב

13:55 The soldiers arrive.  Now a group of French volunteers arrives, with the same shirts, who came to help with the olive harvest.  They are curious about us and ask what organization we belong to and whether we are Israelis.  Nina explains and gives one of them written material about our group.  The French people leave because their taxi arrives to pick them up.

The mayor complains that they cannot go out to the olive harvest in the orchards that are on the other side of the gate and fence.  How can they do this and carry back the olives - on their backs?  While they are on foot?  Because there is no key for the gate?  They have to get to the groves in vehicles in order to pick the olives and bring them back to the village to be processed.  The gate closes; no one went through because it is impossible to pass through in this way.

Another complaint was that he himself could not get to the orchard that is on the other side of the gate, because he does not have a security clearance!  His complaint:  How can the mayor be classified as a security risk?  Besides which he is deprived of the opportunity to pick the olives in his own fields!

On the way home, we stopped at Z and left some bags with his children.  He himself was working at the olive harvest and happily announced that he had olive oil for sale.