'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Marina Banai, Ruthi Tuval (reporting) Chana Stein translating.

06.00. Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint.

Few passing now in the sparkling enclosure. Occasionally a short queue is seen at the entrance to the terminal, but this does not last long. We are told that there are new improved checking machines that speed up passage. In addition, many people are staying home because their permits have expired and they are waiting for renewal.

On the road between the checkpoint and Reihan there is a serious road accident apparently caused in the last few minutes because there are not yet rescue teams, nor traffic jams. People crowd around a man lying on the ground.

06.35. A’anin checkpoint.

The checkpoint is closed. Soldiers arrive at 6.45 and tell us that it will open only at 7. We hurry on to Tura.

The checkpoint is locked. A transport vehicle brings soldiers at 7.00, delayed by the accident mentioned above. A polite Military Policewoman explains that the soldiers no longer come on foot from the nearby base, out of fear of being rammed by a car. They now try to get the checkpoint working quickly. A student passes through to the West Bank at 7.05. The children of Dahr il-Maleh start arriving.

07.20. A’anin checkpoint.

We return here in the hope of meeting olive harvesters. The gate is closed but, for some reason, not locked. We enter as far as the inner gate to check if there are still people on the West Bank side. Silence. We wait to see if gatesinfo-icon will be opened or closed. Nothing happens. Two children coming up from the wadi are collected by a transport vehicle.

07.50. Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint.

Back to Barta’s checkpoint. Traffic in the accident area is streaming under police direction. We get down at the sleeveinfo-icon.  Only one position is now open at the end of the route, but “the girl is tops! – not like yesterday,” they tell us. On the way out, the Hermesh settler, owner of the Ministry of Defense licence to run the ‘two-way’ kiosk (from the south, serving defense personnel; from the north, Palestinians), tells us that he is actually a leftist and that it is not right that workers’ permits are taken away from them. “True. It does also harm my earnings.”