Dura-Al Fawwar Junction, Hakvasim (sheep) Junction, South Hebron Hills

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Ariela and Michal (repoting); Translator: Natanya

We decided not to enter Hebron after yesterday's events. There is great tension there and we do not think it is right to bother all parties with our presence. Anyone who wants or needs us calls reports.

We drove to Negohot through a road 358.

Because on Sunday they did not let Yehudit Keshet pass through the checkpoint that was monitoring the way to the settlement, we were asked to check whether the incident was the decision of a soldier or if it reflected a new procedure. It may be necessary to check several more times before drawing  a clear conclusion.

We opened the gate before us without delay or questioning.

The scenery is rather  mountainous and very beautiful. We drove up to the pillbox on Route 35 near Idna and entered the olive press. The harvest season and the production of oil is in full swing. There are few olives this year, and also not much oil. We'll buy next week. The pillbox was empty and there were no soldiers at the  checkpoints. There were no rolling  checkpoints either.

Road 35 is empty of soldiers. Also on our way back, when we joined Route 60.

At Beit Anun junction traffic flowed without interruption. Also in the Hebron area Bani Na'im, Dura-al Fawwar, Beit Hagai and Otniel all was  routine. There were no roadblocks at the Sheep Junction, Dahariya and Samua worked. As if on another planet, everything seemed calm and normal.