Habla Checkpoint (1393)

Nina S., Ruthie K., Hanna A. (reporting); Translator:  Charles K.

Habla checkpoint is misleading this morning.  The current wave of resistance to the occupation is spreading through the West Bank, but at the checkpoint the occupation has settled in permanently.  Efficient, smiling, one of the local Palestinian enterprises branding itself in Hebrew…

06:25  Soldiers arrive.  People are waiting on the Habla side beyond the fence and the locked gate.

06:31  The checkpoint opens.

06:33  People go through “5-5.”  What’s “5-5”?  Soldiers yell to each other:  five Palestinians at a time enter the inspection booth.

06:38  The first five exit.  Shortly afterwards the first vehicle of the day comes from Habla.

06:59  The permit of a young man who arrived from the direction of the plant nurseries is inspected by a soldier in the guard post beside the fence.

07:00  No one is waiting.

07:30  The guard post “opens” an additional inspection point for those coming from Habla.

A. said he believes that today at 12 they’ll resume issuing exit permits.

07:48  The checkpoint closes.