Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Rachele H. and Noa L.  (reporting). Marcia L., translation

06:25 – 06:55 – Tura-Shaked Checkpoint

We arrived together with the soldiers.  They open on time, 06:30, and after about 10 minutes, the first workers exit from the West Bank to the Seamline Zone.  Few people and a number of vehicles pass from side to side without delays.

In the fields, the tobacco is already blooming. This year the plants look shorter  and their size is not uniform.  Perhaps that is because of little rainfall.

On the way a large new sign faces us at the Umm Reihan junction, saying:  “Welcome  to  Samaria”.

07:05 – 07:30 – Barta’a-IReihan Checkpoint

The parking lots are almost full.  Groups of people wait by the side of the road for rides to work.  Other groups come up from the terminal to the parking lot.  One person tells us that “Everything is good today.”  In the terminal, 4 windows are open and there doesn’t seem to be a line in front of them.  It appears there are no delays and people flow out from the terminal.  Two people turn to us with problems of prohibition and we give them the slips of paper with the telephone numbers of Sylvia’s staff.