Gochya, Hamra (Beqaot), Khirbet Makhul

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Revital B., Ruchele H. (Reporting) Marcia L., Translation

Bezek Checkpoint, 10:15 – We passed by.

Hot!!!  The temperature in the car reads 39° C. (102° F). 

Because of the severe lack of water available to the residents of the Valley who are not Jews, we photographed installations of the Israeli Mekorot Water Company that operates intensively in the Jordan Valley to give the favored Jewish settlers water at the expense of the local Palestinians. The photo shows stolen water in broad daylight.

Flocks in the field are gathered under improvised coverings made of sacks of jute or by the proximity to the encampment. 

On the side of the road that goes up to the town of Aqaba, we see one man and 2-3 taxis.  It is entirely reasonable to see this during these hot days of Ramadan.  One army vehicle travels eastward and at the entrance to the army camp, Tevets, in the shade of the flag of the Kfir regiment, soldiers were waiting for transportation.

23.6.2016 Beqaot settlement green and wet.jpg
The settlement of Beka’ot:  Abundance of water

Alon road - water pump elisha 23.6.16_0.jpg
Mekorot Water Company Station, pumping station Elisha.

Aqaba:  The central park is adorned with lights, which are probably used by the Arab residents in the area after Iftar, the Ramadan dinner feast.

We visited a packing house for tea; we bought a package of herbal tea and gave an elderly man a ride to his town. 

Allon Road:  The area of army exercises is empty.

Gochya:  The Gate was open when we came and when we left.

The post at Hamra Junction, 11:35

The road into the post is open. There is no active checkpoint but there is a permanent watchtower that stands at the junction within the courtyard that is surrounded by a concrete wall. The female soldiers at the post are busy unloading items from an army truck (a sack of carrots and other things). One of the soldiers approached us to find out who we are.  She hadn’t   heard of us and never saw people like us at the checkpoint while it is active.  We told her about Machsom Watch and she summarized:  “Ah, I see that you are against . . .”  In answer to our question, she responded on the good feelings she has when she is on duty for the security of the State.  As for the checkpoints, they function “according to the need.”  They are at the post for four days and on the other days, they are busy in the camp (that is at the continuation of the road eastward to Hamra Junction), with “mounted patrols” and other things.

Halt Makhul – We met the family of A. and the family of B. and also a group from Taayush (An Arab and Jewish political activist group). Two families received clothes and shoes from us.

Settlement of Maskiot – We photographed the synagogue.

Settlement of Rotem – It doesn’t appear that there are any changes in the new settlement at the bottom of Rotem.

Bezeq Checkpoint – 12:45 – We pass by.