'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Tami Ritov, Hanah Heller

13:30 – 15:15

13:30 Rihan- Barta'a checkpoint 

 Many workers and Seamstresses returning home. There is no line in front of the Biometric device. Only two are operable. All are happy with the Palestinian security officers on their morning shift. "They have sticks (clubs) but they do not use it". The Palestinian car park is full. It appears that people are not deterred by the 5 Is fee. Parking proceeds go to the Barta'a municipality that finances the Palestinian security.

14:25 Shaked-Tura checkpoint 

The waist container was finally removed but the filth had remained. Two young Palestinian cross over to the Seam Line zone with groceries. Their car is inspected thoroughly/ A family returns from Jenin with groceries and the young driver runs down the road to bring the car as there is no parking near the checkpoint/

Vehicles with passengers cross over to the West Bank with no delays.

A resident of Daher-el-Malec who own two (used) cars with valid license but details of one of the cars are missing from the soldiers papers. One car parks at Tura by the checkpoint but the soldiers (a new shift) wouldn't let it through, only from the Rihan checkpoint. At this time he has arrive at the checkpoint with the second car

Along with his son and six grandchildren. Again he trued crossing over to go home "Look, the Rihan checkpoint and the Shaked checkpoint are of the same country". He seemed lost, entered the sleeveinfo-icon in order to reach the inspection chamber later he had changed his mind and tried reaching the soldiers to talk

with them. The soldiers pointed a gun at him and he lifted his arms surrendering. Apparently in the very last moment a story of a "shooting of a terrorist who burst into the checkpoint" was avoided.


14:55 Anin checkpoint

 4 tractors loaded with junk. 13 individuals are waiting by the  gate. Soldiers are already on site and open the checkpoint at exactly 15:00.

All enter on the tractors and drive through with hardly any inspection.

By 15:05 all had gone though and we had left.