South Hebron Hills

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Shelly N., Evelyn R. (Guest) and Mohammad B. Reported by Shelly on the phone, written by Yehudit K.; Translator: Tal H.

This was Shelly’s first visit to Houda’s kindergarten, in spite of her previous familiarity  with this project. Houda received the guests warmly and since there were few children today she spoke with them at length and told them about the kindergarten’s history and her own vision – to give the children a sense of security in order to encourage their development. Mohammad help[ed translate and also spoke of the place’s history and the activity there by Miri and Judy.

The place was very neat, and the children were playing quietly, and very open to the guests, a clear indication of the project’s success.

After the reports of the past few weeks about settler-colonists harassing the villagers, this visit was a spot of bright light for Shelly and Evelyn.

The situation on the roads is normal, routine traffic and no outstanding events.