Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yehudit K (reporting), M.D.

We started our shift in the afternoon at the time that the workers return home. At the Meitar checkpoint a thin trickle of people crosses, hungry, tired, to wait for rides home. There is no bus service and the local (Palestinian) taxi fares eat into the days earnings. On Route 60 the traffic is very thin but near the entrance to the villages clusters of people wait for rides into the towns, Hebron and Yatta for shopping, medical visits etc. Rumour has it that Israeli Palestinians often choose to go to doctors in the West Bank both to avoid a long wait for a specialist and because private medicine is cheaper there.

Route 317 is very quiet and there is no sign of army or police vehicles/ In Israel the tension of the military escalation is high, whereas here people know that they have no protection, not against rockets and not against the frequent military incursions into their homes.