Tura – Checkpoint everything as usual: empty and filthy.

Marina Banai, Ruthi Tuval Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

14:40 - 16:15

Hermesh Checkpoint as well as Mevo Dotan Checkpoint, was open.  Even the pillbox was not manned.  Cars were weaving their way among the concrete barriers without any delay.  We gave people at Reihan-Barta’a Checkpoint cards with Sylvia’s contact information to help them eliminate bans from entering Israel.  Drivers complained that since the new facility/fenced-in corral was built in place of the shed they have nowhere to seek shelter from the rain because the tiny “lobby” is open to the wind and rain from the west.    There are also no benches or chairs there for people to sit.  We will continue to nag the directors of the checkpoint.  Two people went to check if there was running water in the restrooms for people to wash themselves before praying.  They found that everything there was in order. 

We met the young man who had been in the accident near Yaabed a month ago.  Meanwhile their car was repaired and he and his friend were pleased at the pictures that we took there.  On our way back to the car we bought salty and sugar-coated peanuts.  The guard at the exit gate asked to check out ID cards. 

At Tura  Checkpoint was as usual: empty and filthy.