Hebron, Sa'ir, South Hebron Hills

Michal Tsadik and a guest Ariela Slonim; Translator: Natanya

All the barricades along road 60 are now open. Also at Beit Anun the entrance to Hebron opposite the town is open. We went to meet a man at the entrance to the city who gave power of attorney to a lawyer…This in response to a request by Ronit Dahan Ramati.

Hebron. We met a young man and woman from the pre-military preparatory who were visiting Hebron before staying there over the weekend and there they met with Noam Arnon and ourselves. We toured the length of Shuhada street to the cave of the Patriarchs and then to Tel Rumeida as an attempt to explain the complicated nature of the places. That is as far as one can do in the short time we had at our disposal. At their request we helped them to contact Palestinian activists from the Sharabati family who live directly opposite Beit Hadassah. They made an appointment to meet them today. It is well worth while to hear their story.