Etzion DCO: a polite soldier, a rude woman soldier

Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

10:45 When we arrived, we saw an unusual sight: an empty waiting room. After a while a few people arrived, and they were all let in immediately. The soldier on duty was courteous, spoke politely to us and to the Palestinians, but he was soon replaced by a woman-soldier who spoke rudely to us and to the Palestinians. She informed us that we could not stay in the waiting room.

A young man with a blue identity card (Israeli) approached us and said his wife is Palestinian and is about to give birth in a hospital in Israel. He came to ask for entry permit for her mother so that she will be able to be by her side and stay with her after the birth. We wished him that he would get the permit and in case he won’t, gave him Hanna’s phone number.

A guy told us he worked for five years in the industrial area of Mishor Adumim (east of Ma'ale Adumim settlement) but a few days ago he found out all of a sudden that he is prevented from entering Israel.  Of course, he does not know what for and why.

A man, who was accused 30 years ago of throwing stones, which he said he did not throw, complained that he is prevented from entering Israel since.

An elderly man said that after many efforts he managed to remove the prevention imposed on him in February, but in March it was restored. We explained to him, and to others who are prevented, how to try and remove the prevention.

We spoke with an electrical engineer who studied at Bir Zeit and works at a pharmaceutical factory. He said there are now five or six pharmaceutical factories in the West Bank.