Falamiya North Checkpoint (914), Falamiya South Checkpoint (935)

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Nina S. and Herzlia A., (reporting)

Occupation Routine: life progresses according to the soldiers' schedule, and the movements of the citizens are constricted.

Falamie North, CP 914

Opening hours 12:15-13:45, according to the IDF

12:45 The gate is still shut, as the soldiers haven’t arrived yet. The front gate too is closed. 4 persons sit in the shed and wait. In their opinion, the gate is due to be opened at 12:50. They say that peace will solve all the problems.

12:55 The soldiers have arrived and they start to open the gatesinfo-icon. About twenty people pass in both directions, six tractors, a bicycle rider.

Rony P. and Karin L. came by with a visitor from London. They stayed a few moments and went on.

13:10 There is nobody left. The soldiers shut the gate, according to them it must be open for 20 minutes.

On the way to the car, near the well, there was a group of young women and a few older ones, who have had their lunch before, in the shed. We greeted them and a conversation ensued with a young woman who spoke fluent English. She was surprised and impressed by the fact that on the other side there was somebody who expressed empathy towards the Palestinians. She complained about the limitations of movement: why must she undergo a check and registration in order to reach her land? Why can’t she drive freely to Jerusalem and Haifa? These limitations hurt her very much. The other women present stood in silence and listened to the conversation. Then we bade them farewell.

Falamie South (Jiyus West)  CP 935

Opening hours 13:20 – 13:40 according to the IDF

13:25 – the gate is already open. A man from the village of Jiyus waits in the shed for a tractor who is due to come, and on which he will hitchhike home.

2 tractors enter and go out. All the vehicles coming from the fields contain large bundles of maluchiya. The waiting man mounts on one of the tractors.

A car with a driver and 2 woman passengers enters.

13:40 There is nobody left. The soldiers shut the gate.