'Atil, Deir al-Ghusun

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Micky F., Alix K.W. reporting

06:08 Atil 609

Micky was told by the officer in charge of the hours of passage at the CPs that the agricultural checkpoint at Atil would open at 05:45 during Ramadan, but it wasn't; it opened at 06:15.  No change, though they said there would be.  J. asked to open the CK at 05:00 because of the heat. Many people work in the hot-houses and heat is unbearable, even early in the day.

Between 100 and 200 Palestinian workers waited for the gate to open.

We're told that the soldiers often don't allow Palestinians to pass if they think they are not wearing work clothes. 

The yellow sign, which hangs on the gate at the checkpoint, where the working hours of checkpoint are supposed to be posted, is completely devoid of any information. No hours appear on the sign.

06:58 we left the CP

07:00 l Deir el Ruson 623  

The soldiers opened the CP at 7:00; here too 100 -200 Palestinian workers were waiting to pass, but here it goes much faster, 5 workers at a time.  Here the yellow sign is completely blank; the sun has bleached out any print that once appeared.

Everyone passed and at 07:45. The soldiers closed the gatesinfo-icon, then a few more workers came running up. The soldiers had already closed all the gates, but they reopened them for the workers to pass.

08:00 Baladia

We found the municipality closed because of Ramadan.