South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back; Translator: Natanya

There is a general strike in the Palestinian Authority identifying  with the  hunger strikers. The day of the strike was scheduled for today because of US President Trump's visit to Israel.

Ramadan begins Saturday night and Palestinian Authority schools have put forward the date of the  exams. This is also the harvest season and many children work with their parents in the fields.



The village Surra is between a-Tuwani and Umm Fukara, near the settlement Avigayil. In the early 1990s, its residents were expelled by the army. The place was declared a firing zone and a closed military area.

Now the popular committees of Palestine in cooperation with Palestinians against settlements and local organizations have begun to return to the place. They returned to the original caves and put up a tent and raised the Palestinians flags.

unnamed (1)_18.jpg

The "Sumud" camp.

unnamed (2)_16.jpg

The tent.

unnamed (3)_12.jpg

The tent above the cave.

unnamed (4)_10.jpg

We came to express solidarity.